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What I care about

Since I can remember, it is and was my utmost concern to create with my work at least the slightest improvement for people and environment.

In my work as life coach and CSR consultant I finally manage to combine both of my dearest goals.


I'm based at Boston, MA.

Convince yourself of my superpower - the empathic listening! :)
Combined with my active reflection and my caring inquiry you're already aware of some of my ingredients for impact.

I create my work around the following principles and values:

# transparency and openness

# appreciation

# you as my client set the tempo

# making room and creating new spaces

# providing new impulses and assisting in your reflection process

# empowerment

# personal growth

- I too learn something new with each and every client!

My professional background:
# Certified Systemic Coach (since 11/2020)

# On Purpose Fellow (Associate 04/2019 - 04/2020)

Being Associate in the one-year Social Impact & Responsible Leadership Program, with Coaching, Mentoring and Training.

I developed a CSR-Strategy for the food start up Mia & Ben Organic, incl. supply chain, product, packaging, employee health and partnerships with NGOs

# 2016-18: Educational Project Manager @ SWiM Bildung UG

# 2015: I created a Market Analysis for the digital hub tbd* (previously: the changer)

# 2014: Project Assistant in donor communication and project partnerships @ WorldPeaceService (WFD)
# BA Cultural Science (major: Social Science) (2011) @ Viadrina University, Frankfurt (Oder) and
   MA Politicial and Social Science (2014) @ FU Berlin

Über mich: Über mich
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