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Life Coaching

Solution- and Resourceoriented Systemic Coaching

1 Hour

charge by agreement


# unlocking potential

# impulses for change

# decisionmaking

# stress management

# self management

# conflict management


We will open the room for reflection and your personal development through different question techniques and creative methods. I am coaching according to the systemic approach - this means, I am not just integrating you as client, but also your relevant fellow human beings and your context, depending on your challenge, as important factors into the change process.

The search for your best solution is in the center of attention, not the problem itself:

"Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions." (Steve de Shazer)


I work with the following methods:

# change of perspective (anchors, The Work)
# working with your resources (resource wheel, ABC-lists)

# finding your values and goals (lonely-island-approach, goals and visions question techniques)

# decision making (inner team, Tetralemma, problem positioning, Ikigai)

# recognizing your thought- and behavioral patterns, questioning limiting belief sets (reframing, inner driver)


Have the courage to challenge your spirit of discovery and let's go together on an expedition outside your comfort zone! :)

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