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I learnt through my talks with Silvia to remain self-composed, to articulate clear goals and to pursue them in a sustainable way. She has a sensitivity for people and situations. Thanks to Silvia’s well-directed questions, I felt encouraged and empowered to obtain new perspectives and points of view. Her methods are varied and always carefully chosen.
I could open up very fast thanks to her professional and pleasant character and always felt comfortable in our coaching sessions.

Franziska Meißner, Berlin
- Coaching - 

Silvia was solely responsible for designing, setting up and implementing the CSR strategy and department for Mia & Ben. Her dedication to the project has not only brought our Research and Commercial teams closer together, the resulting roadmap is now part of the day to day at Mia & Ben and serves as guiding principle on how to make sustainable decisions for the long-term success of the business. She is hard-working, passionate about the topic and not shy to ask the right questions. We were very lucky to have her on board and she will be truly missed by the team!

Karina Gentgen, COO and co-founder of Mia & Ben Organic
- CSR Consulting - 

Through the talks with Silvia I can today assess myself more willfully, and detect as well as pursue my own strengths and goals better. This is a big success for me that also encourages me to go further. Using varied methods and exercises, her coaching focuses on creating practice-related insights that I can use in my professional and personal daily life. Silvia structures the coaching sessions conscientiously, never losing sight of our goals or initial questions. I experienced her as very attentive and focused on my progress, and want to thank her especially for her very pleasant way of actively listening and inquiring.

Stephanie Metzger, Berlin 
- Coaching -


My warmest recommendation for Silvia! Right from the start, she was able to understand my point of view and thought processes. Silvia was able to clearly identify my thoughts and fears, giving me ample relevant feedback.  Her comprehensive exercises perfectly fit my needs, and she presented a wonderful variety of methods to address my issues. Silvia was always insightful and prepared, and she vividly remembering our past sessions, making me feel heard and understood. I greatly enjoyed working with her, and I emerged strenghtened from our coachings.

Carolin Kielwagen, Germany
- Coaching -

Silvia supported me in 2021 during a phase of personal and professional growth. Through her coaching, I got crucial insights concerning my professional development, and I learnt to implement several strategies for dealing with challenges in my everyday life.
Silvia is a very empathic and attentive listener who always focuses on the core of topics, helping to put structure into complex thoughts. I had several deeper insights because she asked the right questions at the right time.
I grew more confident regarding my strengths, wishes, and values, especially thanks to her hand-tailored exercises on my resources and motivation. I recommend the coaching with Silvia 100%.

Kathleen G., Austria
- Coaching -

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