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CSR Consulting

Shaping the future with your company - Corporate Social Responsibility


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Nowadays, companys' success is not only measured by their economic success, but also on if their activities and functions have a positive impact on environment and society.

I support you in developing your tailor-made, holistic and sustainable CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility).


I developed an extensive CSR strategy for the internationally operating food company Mia & Ben Organic which analyzed all main and side activities, pointing out improvement potential.

According to Karina Gentgen, co-founder and COO, did my work not only provide them with a road map that serves them now in their day to day, but I also brought the teams closer together thanks to my positive, activism-initiating nature.


My advisory package includes following components:

# ESG-Analysis (Enviroment/Social/Governance - Analysis of your business practices according to social, ecological and internal governance factors)

# Identifying and creating synergies between your teams

# Developing a road map or Action Plan (with long, middle and short term goals for improving your social and ecological impact)

# Getting your team on board - Developing workshops for CSR and "Sustainability in Innovation"

You decide which components of my advisory package you need on your way to developing your own, tailor-made CSR strategy.

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